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Издается с марта 2018 года
Периодичность: ежеквартально
Формат: электронное издание
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Psychological sciences

Butsyk Mikhail Sergeevich 1, Malkin Vasily Maksimovich2


1,2. V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Simferopol, Crimea, Russian Federation





The specificity of mediation is quite extensive and covers many ways of mental functioning. Therefore, we consider it important to describe the mechanism to which - as indicated in the psychoanalytic literature - the subject uses in mediation. We believe that such a specific activity of the psyche as the use of some external object - or introject - for implementing one's own intentions can be a means. In the course of this work, we set ourselves the task of answering the following questions: «for what purpose does the subject resort to mediation?»; «how does this happen?»; and to identify ontogenetic roots. The other in this case interests us not so much, as it was understood by J. - P. Sartre in his views on the specifics of being - for - another, but in the other side of the issue. Shatrovsky phenomenology of the Another we cannot ignore, however, here we restrict ourselves to the description of another perspective, to not get off the marked vector. We are here interested in another, as a certain place, which becomes subjects in an attempt to meet their own intentions. 


Keywords: Another; subject; place of another; mediation



Butsyk, M.S. Mesto Drugogo v psikhike. Problematika oposredovaniya. [Elektronnyi resurs] [The place of the Other in the psyche. The problem of mediation. [Electronic resource]] / M.S. Butsyk, M.V. Malkin // Psikhologiya i pedagogika v Krymu: puti razvitiya [Psychology and pedagogy in the Crimea: ways of development]. - 2018. - No. 1; Access mode - URL: https://psikhologiya-v-krimu-puti-razvitiya.online/arhiv-vypuskov-zhurnala/2018-g/no1-2018-bucyk-ms-malkin-vm  - circulation date: